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Building a Better Life by Building Your Credit Score (6 Tips)

Are you having problems getting a payday loan, credit card or mortgage?

If this is the case, you should understand why it is imperative that you have a good credit score and attempt to increase your credit rating.

If you can keep a good credit score you can improve your life and your lifestyle in a lot of ways.

When you attempt to get a payday loan, there are a number of things that a lender will look at.

They will look at your previous borrowing history based on your credit score and will determine their lending decision based on your ability and capacity to pay back a loan.

If you have a not so great credit score or you just want to improve your credit score to get a bigger loan, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that you do not apply or fill out too many applications for credit. The more that you do the more your credit score will decrease because it makes you look desperate for money and will make it look like the chances of you paying it back are slimmer than what they are.
  2. If you do not have a good payment track record, this will hinder your credit score. Always make sure that you are paying your bills on time and on the scheduled date. If you do not pay them on time, this will affect your credit score. It may not decrease it, but when a lender goes to look at your score and finds that you are not making those payments, they will not lend to you.
  3. Try and keep your balance low on your credit card. The higher the outstanding, unpaid balance, the greater the chance of you having a poor credit rating or the greater the chances are that you will take a hit on your credit rating.
  4. If you are behind on any late payments, make sure that you catch up on them. It is better to pay a bill late than never.
  5. If you have any credit cards that are not being used, make sure that you utilize them if you can. By doing so this will increase your credit score, even for small amounts. Do not close the account, as this will decrease your score.
  6. Do not take more credit cards or loans than you need. By doing so will actually lower your credit score because by having more credit cards and not using them, will affect your rating as rule 5 outlines.

More great tips in this video:

These are all tips that you should follow to help increase your credit rating. For more information on how you can increase your credit rating and resources to help you do so, please visit

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